Profiling Rcpp packages

    Notes on profiling Rcpp code

    PSA Backups are Awesome

    Protecting yourself from data loss is fairly straightforward.

    Diagnosing Bad Hypothesis Tests

    I find a strange plot of p-values from a hypothesis test and investigate.

    Data-Driven Ethics

    Last fall I saw a flyer for a class on computational ethics. Upon inspection it appears the class was poorly named; unlike computational geometry, computational finance, computational social-science, or almost any other occurrence of "computational $subject" this class isn't about the use of computational tools to study ethics; instead it's the study of ethical issues surrounding computation: privacy, censorship, cybercrime, AI, and the rest. A better name would be "ethics for programmers" although that sounds rather tedious. Perhaps "ethics of Facebook" would be enroll-baity enough? While not necessarily out-of-character, I didn't just want to complain about a misleading course name. Instead, I want to lament a missed opportunity: what if computational ethics actually was about computation?

    R pranks

    One of the more fun features of R is that you can redefine pretty much anything. While this isn't particularly useful in itself, it can give you plenty of opportunities to mess with your friends' R sessions. Well, at least they were your friends before this post.

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