Well-calibrated predictions are not enough

    Calibration is an important idea in statistical prediction. However, it's not the only thing.

    The N Language Problem

    The Julia 1.0 release is here, it's really finally here! But for all my Julia enthusiasm, I generally don't use it for my academic work. And I don't expect that will change soon (although I'd love for that to happen). The reason why is what I call the "N language problem".

    JSM 2018 Review

    I attended JSM 2018 in Vancouver, Canada.

    Building a PC

    I recently bought a desktop computer. As a first-time PC build I can highly recommend the process.

    What is the chance of an earthquake?

    The USGS estimates 0.7 plus or minus 0.1 chance of a 6.7+ earthquake in the Bay Area before 2030. What does that mean?

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